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  1. thank you! glad to know i’m not the only stay at home mom in a 1 car household that had the privilege to buy a bike trailer, tried to embrace her inner hippy & then went out and bought a car.


    also, how did you possibly keep it together for the poop waterfall?? i would have had to walk away in tears from a combo of belly laughs and the abandon of hope.

    more! more!

    • Yay! I’m not the only one too! It was hard to hold it together. I was so pregnant and I was trying to lift him out of the crib and carry him to the bathroom without touching him. I am pretty sure I did cry and laugh and that crazy combo freaked L out enough to never attempt the poop waterfall again. Also, we learned that he must wear pants or shorts over his pull up.

  2. Your blog is hilarious. My boys are 11 and 14 and I think you have found a perfect solution to stay sane while parentig little kids.

  3. Your honesty is so refreshing! I totally agree with every thought and feeling you’ve shared so far; I can’t wait to read more.

  4. I’m so glad Tag Surfer linked me to your blog! I’ve been ROFLMAOPMP! I’m a new blogger too, and I have a 14 month old son, and I can REALLY relate to you!

    and, wine… There really is nothing better!

    You have a new follower right here! :)

    • I’m glad you found me! I’m impressed at your baking. I’m a cook, but no baker. All that exactitude just doesn’t fit my nature but I do admire people who can do it! I’m lucky if I don’t lose count while measuring my coffee into the machine!

  5. Our stats are pretty similar. I’m 35, married for 6.5 years, have two girls, 5 and 2.5, altho I work pt. I’m curious – where do you live? Not necessarily where but – a big city? Suburb? Etc. We’re in NYC.

  6. Thank God I am not alone in this! For the first time I have finally found a blogger I can relate to! I love my kids, don’t get me wrong but somedays… well, you understand!!! Thanks for keeping me laughing even on the days when all I want to do is lock myself in the closet and cry!

  7. It’s so nice to hear these stories. I’ve always felt guilty about how I feel and I thought I was alone. Thanks for your honesty and humor.

  8. Love this blog! Just stumbled upon it through FB actually, and I am reading this cracking up laughing! I am a new stay at home mom to a little girl, and reading this is cracking me up and scaring me at the same time! LOL! Thanks for being so open and honest too…it’s refreshing!

  9. Love love love your blog!

    I’m certain we’d be friends…& in saying that, I’m quite choosy. Not that I’m so fab (it’s all smoke & mirrors), I just can’t hang with a Mom who doesn’t “keep it real”.

    If you don’t believe in “LL” (liquid lunch) yes, cocktails @ noon, we can’t be friends. If your kids are darling, perfect, precious little princes or princesses, you’re out.

    If you have a child whom you always call by first & middle name, see ya. If your house is immaculate & your child sleeps without a.) wetting the bed b.) waking you up @ some ungodly hour or puts in 12 hours & a nap, not only are you excused, I secretly hate you & think your kid is weird.

    If you’d choke on your words before you’d ever utter (shreik) some obscene language, phrase or go off on a diatribe, well F* them.

    The list goes on, but I digress…
    You ROCK! Keep it coming. Happy Day Turkeys!

  10. I just discovered your blog today and love it! I am a mother to a 10 month old and constantly wonder why everyone else seems to have such an idyllic parenting experience. So glad to know I’m not alone!

  11. OMG I just came acrossed your blog while doing some research for a New moms forum I just created. You are sooo funny and yet what you say is what some many of us know we just dont put is out there. Im totally a follower. I have teenagers at home and OMG I cant wait to hear about your stories with Teenagers.

  12. Am laughing out loud at your blog having only found it on WordPress today. I’m 17 years into my own vicious brand of parental sarcasm, the only effective survival tool I’ve discovered other than an elective frontal lobotomy. My two are older and almost off my hands but your blog brings it all back and this time around I can laugh at it all because I’m not the one covered in …. well you know all about that! Keep writing, you’re doing great. x

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