How Summer Vacation is like a Zombie Apocalypse

It’s coming.

Parents are feeling ill at ease and restless.

The end is nigh. For some, it’s already here.

It’s spreading across the nation. Soon we’ll all be swarmed and overrun by hungry hordes of (sanity) killers.

Neighbor pitted against neighbor for survival, or at least for a parking spot in the shade.

It’s summer vacation, y’all. Otherwise known as End of Days.

How Summer is like a Zombie Apocalypse




2 thoughts on “How Summer Vacation is like a Zombie Apocalypse

  1. My kids are mostly all of age to fly to Vegas by themselves, and yet I’m still dreading it. The endless stream of “Can we go get our nails done? Can I have a sleep over at that kid’s house whose parents let them stay up till you pick me up the next day? Can we go to Daytona Beach for a week?” Maybe I need to find me a zombie…

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