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  1. My friend just sent me a link to your site. You and I have VERY similar views on motherhood! Check out my site if you get a chance. You don’t happen to live in Los Angeles do you? If so we could hang out and have some of our favorite foods together, like wine.

    • I don’t live in LA. Very far from it. We’ll have to settle for virtual wine (although I probably start drinking earlier than you do due to the time difference, but I bet you’re thinking about it at 2PM!). I did check out your blog. 3 kids. That just sounds so hard! My two are kicking my unfashionable ass.

  2. I am a mother, wife and writer in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Notice I put mother first. God forbid I list my career first. Gasp. What kind of mother would I be?

    I’m checking out your blog, trying to learn more about this whole blogging world (I’m new here). If you’re up for checking out my site, go for it. I have the writing thing down, but not sure about the rest of it.


  3. Hi Allison,

    I’m putting a link to your blog on my site, perhaps you might want to check mine out, us moms need to stick together:)


  4. hi there! your site is fab! I am in total agreement!
    Please check out my site too. Its still in infancy phase, but I intend to “grow” it as time goes on. First have to figure out what the bloody hell a blogroll is!
    I think I can add you to that if I may? if thats what its for?? I can be a bit of a techie dunce sometimes!

  5. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and read a few posts and already love it! You sound exactly like me! I have a 4 yr old boy who is crackers and an angel 11 month old girl. Its nice to know I’m not the only mum out there who is driven to wine and insanity! Love it!

  6. You are too funny, and my kind of mom! I just recently started blogging (for similar reasons) and am really enjoying it, and reading others’ as well. I wish we could watch all those mommy joggers together – that one made me laugh out loud, I just wrote about trying to become one. I’m still nursing that injury today! I know everyone wants you to check out their sites, but I’d love you to check mine out too! You are making a lot of moms’ days out there, mine included! Keep doing it please!!

  7. Allison,

    Just found your blog and love it! Very funny stuff – I think we’d get along well! Thanks for the laughs. My friends and I recently started a blog that I think you’d probably enjoy- an honest view of motherhood, relationships and life. Please check it out if you have a chance! http://www.confessionsoftheid.com

    Looking forward to reading more!

  8. I am new to this blogging thing. Trying to make a blog which sums up everything I want to do which is probably WAy too much, ranging from ways to change the world and the ridiculous tings my kid does. I LOVE reading your blog though because you have a way of making it seem funny while being extremely frustrated. Great job and keep up the good work!

  9. WOW!! Amazing blog!! I don’t have my blog up and going yet all the way, but I do write all the time on hubpages!! I have five kids and lots or WTF? Moments!! Here is my url http://nicholerlovi.hubpages.com/_3sz4bsddhjxjm/ I would love to hear what you think:) the ones I think you would most enjoy are the I’m a mom whats your super power and the one about kids and sports. I really hope to hear what you have to say very soon. Again amazing BLOG!!!

  10. I hope to God that the crazzy lunatic who emailed you does not have a blog herself. Although I’m all about free speech I’m in your camp, and I don’t really care to hear about her whack-a-doo opinions. Obviously I am a close minded bigot as well. I completely identify with your blog and find it hysterical that I too am named Alison (spelled with one “L” however…the right way. :) ), am Jewish, am 35ish, have been married for 8 years and although I have 3 kids, one is too young to cause me any grief…and the other two are a boy and a girl almost the same age as your kids. If we knew eachother in the “real world” I think we would be friends. Keep blogging your bigoted, close minded opinions and thoughts so I know there is someone out there who understands just what I am thinking!

  11. I think I f-ed up my reply and put it in someone else’s box (trying really hard not to make a that’s what she said joke) so I meant to say this: Your blog is awesome. I am a first time mom (of an unplanned pregnancy…and an unplanned marriage come to think of it) and it is so refreshing to read. My new goal in life is to make your blogroll!
    Hope this is actually in the right spot now.

  12. Oh, thank you for this blog!!!!! My girlfriend just sent me the link and I absolutely needed this today. We had one of those days you described regarding getting out of the house for a family fun day and it ended with me snapping at my husband for being “bored” watching our 4-year old ride his bike. I love him, but sometimes he can be too honest. Anyway, thank you for making me laugh and helping me feel that I am not alone. I will be reading more posts with a lovely class of Pinot Noir in hand! Cheers!

  13. Im a new mother to a 4 month old little boy.. and I have to say your site has made me laugh out loud more than once… I actually started a blog (literature major in my junior year…so I came up with the bright idea of a blog) and hope to continue following yours. My blog is sogetahelmet.blogspot.com .. up and coming!

  14. I subscribe to your blog as there is so, so much I can identify with – (I think our boys were separated at birth for one thing) & I love nothing more than realistic parenting… I live in California & as a foreigner find many parenting styles fluffier than I’m used to… I come across like Devil-Mom 99% of the time (which is actually accurate but something I try to hide more in public). Thank you for your support & bringing a laugh when I NEED it & when I don’t!

  15. GREAT blog! As a doula and childbirth educator I too try help other moms feel good about their parenting. I call it “Pollyanna parenting”. EX: “Hey, it could be worse. This other horrible thing ________________ could be happening.” LOL! If you are looking to add more blogs to this blog roll I’d love to be on it!
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